Network Centric System
The NCS consists of a number of hierarchical command posts that receive and process information from different sensors. Timely availability of this information along with orders from the Command Post down to the weapon posts designated to engage a potentially hostile target is of prime importance.

NCS caters for effective and secure command & control of weapons and resources. NCAWS enhances the decision-making ability and agility of Command by providing:

  • Real time consolidated and fused situation awarness display at all command levels
  • Guaranteed communication between all nodes through a robust Auto-healing Data Communication Network
  • GIS based User Interface displaying information from the sensors and weapon inventory
  • Threat Evaluation and Weapons Assignment (TEWA) for effective firing
  • Configurable and customizable operation and administration order flow
  • Automatically compiled Reports at every level of command hierarchy

Utilizing all possible information sources integrated into NCAWS helps the Commander to:
  • Plan and execute operations using the decision-aiding tools
  • Shorten operations planning time
  • Automatically record and replay all command, order and status data from any previous engagement for optimum analysis and review
  • Improve target detection probability, and
  • Utilize effective sensor data at all tiers for threat neutralization

GIS Based User Interface

In this NCW System, target are displayed at each tier of the command and control hierarchy. The tracks are disseminated and displayed according to the Area of Responsibility of the particular command and reporting unit. A Graphical User Interface (GUI) provides Geographical Information System (GIS) based multi-layer display capabilities, with the provision to enable/disable each layer independently.

Sensor Data Xtracter & Target Tracking System

To extract target information from different types of sensor, CARE has developed Sensor Data Extractor & Trackers for variety of sensors.