Horus is an integrated vehicle management system comprising of vehicle mounted GPS-based tracking devices, communicating over multiple networking technologies (GSM,GPRS, V-UHF, Satellite) in a hybrid environment and versatile multi-tier command and control infrastructure. It comprehensively addresses the problems of managing, tracking, monitoring and assisting any number of vehicles registered within the system.

Horus allows integration of different kinds of communication infrastructure including GPRS/SMS, HF/VHF/ UHF and Satellite modems for relaying GPS coordinates of a vehicle. This unique capability enables supervisor to monitor vehicle in all terrain and geographical location. The system comprises of wired and wireless gateways for consolidation, display and management of information. The system supports a multi-tier command and control infrastructure and provides authenticated access control at different level of echelons for operational purposes. Horus vehicle management system consists of the following components,
  • Central Command and Control Center
  • Static and Mobile Management Center
  • Tracking Device

The system comes with host of configurable features. Any capability defined below can be disabled using system configuration utility at installation time from the command console.

Situation Awareness
  • Displaying GPS based update s and display of the registered vehicles to respective management center and central command and control center
  • Real-time status and generation of triggers for matters of concern
  • Tracking Device
Vehicle Management
  • Database for Recording and Replaying vehicles routes
  • Reports and returns with data fusion and consolidation
  • Preformatted and format free massages
Command and Control Console
  • Add-Del registration of vehicles in the system
  • Create multiple Domains and associate different vehicles to appropriate domain
  • Diversion and situational alerts
  • Geo-fencing defining, downloading and enforcing
Geographical Information System
  • Multi layers of Electronic Maps
  • Map manipulation Features
  • Zoom in, out, Pan, Rotate e.t.c
  • Navigation help with distance and speed calculation
  • Multi Layers of security with state of the art encryption, authentication and key generation protocols