TA'EERUN is an advanced multimode-multiband Software Defined Radio (SDR) that supports different configurations and form factors for robust tactical communications. With enhanced secure voice and high-speed data capabilities through state-of-the-art technology TA'EERUN radio transceiver achieves high performance in a network environment. TA'EERUN through its run-time configurability option provides capabality to download multiple waveforms comprising of all layers in a typical network setting. These layers include Physical layer (PHY), Medium Access Layer (MAC), Transport Layer, Network Layer and user configurable Application layer. The associated SDR framework enables the user to design its own set of waveforms by selecting different components for each layer from a library of components. For example the PHY supports both multiple frequency hopped narrow band and wideband components and waveform can have one out of many PHY components in a particular waveform. Similarly propriety and standard AD-HOC wireless network protocols add the flexibility of self healing and self forming thus make the TA'EERUN a very reliable communication device in a network setting. Radio performance has been enhanced several folds by using All-Digital IF and voice processing through state-of-the-art DSP/FPGA devices on TA'EERUNís SDR processing boards designed by CARE .

All Digital Electronics, entire Radio SW & Framework, Wideband/Narrowband/Analog Waveform supported by Integrated Development Environment are indigenously developed by CARE.