Offline Signal Analysis System CSSA01
CSSA01 is a network centric signal analysis system essentially comprising of server-class machine for managing signal analysis activities, high-speed signal analysis machines equipped with FPGA based hardware accelerators and digital signal recorders. When put together, all these major components of CSSA01 form a robust server-client architecture integrating databases and information management system.

CSSA01 is designed to be used for analyzing and extracting useful information from known or unknown recorded signals after following a series of SIGINT activities offered in CSSA01 suite. Extracted signal characteristics then become part of Electronic Intelligence (ELINT) database in the form of electronic order of battle (EoB) whereas the extracted information become part of Communication Intelligence (COMMINT) database. CSSA01 also offers synthetic signal generation capabilities in training mode as COMMINT Simulator.

CSSA01 is a hybrid of software and hardware components and has been built upon the following major components.
  • SAS Manager software suite
  • Signal Analyzer software suite
  • Signal Generator software suite
  • FPGA based hardware accelerators
  • Digital Signal Recorders
  • Network Attached Storage
  • High-speed Gigabit LAN

Signal Processing/Communication Algorithms Flow

The signals recorded on digital signal recorders are brought into the CSSA01 network through SAS Manager running on server. These signals are then tasked to different signal analysts on signal analysis machines for analysis. The recorded IF signal is digitally down-converted to base-band I/Q signal at signal analysis machines equipped with PCI based FPGA hardware accelerators for high speed signal processing. A user-friendly and interactive Graphical User Interface (GUI) helps the analyst in undertaking assigned tasks.