High Data Rate Telemetry Transmitter and Receiver
Telemetry is an automated communications process for the transmission of measurement data from a remote, inaccessible or inconvenient location to a central receiving facility for measurement, monitoring, display and recording. Transmission of the information may be over wires or more commonly, by the radio. In general, telemetry also implies strict requirement for timeliness and data integrity.

A telemetry transmitter essentially consists of a set of measuring instruments , an encoder that translate instruments reading into analog or digital signals ,a modulator and a wireless transmitter with an antenna. A telemetry receiver consists of an antenna, a set of radio frequency (RF) amplifiers, a demodulator and recording devices.

CARE Telemetry System: Salient Features:
  • Operates in microwave range with a bandwidth of 3MHz
  • Encryption supported using AES
  • User can specify FEC on/off
  • User can specify AES on/off
  • Clear channel transmission supported