Digital Signal Recorder
Real-time data recording is found in many military and commercial applications these days. Applications requiring high data rate data-acquisition and storage have created many challenges for engineers leading to expensive application specific data-acquisition setup and architecture. The demands of these applications have led to a proliferation of cost-effective, high-performance, highcapacity data acquisition / storage devices, with well-defined interfaces based on open standards protocols. CARE DSR C1001 addresses all these challenges in the form of a high performance real-time digital signal recorder.

DSR C1001 is a standalone device capable of recording 8 MHz wide spectrum or 2 Mbps modulated signals at configurable IF frequencies of 21.4 and 70 MHz. It can also be used as anintegral component of CARE Communication Intelligence Monitoring and Analysis Equipment.

DSR C1001 has been equipped with many useful features and functions. It is a menu driven compact box allowing the user to carry out all integrated operations using navigational keys provided on its front panel.

  • Communication Intelligence (COMINT) monitoring and analysis
  • Data acquisition
  • Signal recording for testing/ calibration and loop playback
  • Signal archival