Digital Radio Surveillence Equipment
Intelligence and law enforcement agencies monitor radio activity to gather intelligence on the criminal, anti-state and terrorist activities. This can only be achieved if the technical equipment they possess is capable of undertaking such a task hence; survival in the information warfare is only possible through the use of the programmable, fast and intelligent state of the art technology. Communication signal analysis equipment from CARE, Pakistan is completely aligned with this trend through the use of latest digital signal processing hardware platforms for analyzing linear and non-linear modulated and multiplexed voice transmissions. CARE has specialized in designing and manufacturing equipment and systems for communication interception and analysis applications through customized turnkey solutions.

CARE Digital Radio Surveillance Equipment (DRSE) for Reconnaissance and Surveillance purposes is ideal for analyzing the voice channels over Satellite and terrestrial Microwave links. Scalability and reconfigurable option in the equipment makes it suitable for use over wide range of bandwidth and spectrum. “All in one rack” solution provides easy logistics and move around capability of the equipment to different parts of the country as desired. The equipment can also be mounted on a 4WD vehicle with minimum required support. CARE offers interception equipment capable of:
  • Demodulation and Demultiplexing of conventional microwave and satellite signals at IF in real time
  • Classification of signal modulation, symbol rate and embedded framing patterns
  • Statistical processing of signals
  • Highly sensitive digital receiver operation
  • Speech decoding and real time listening option
  • Full programmability in Demodulation and Demultiplexing through easy to use Graphical Interface

CARE-DRSE with capabilities of demodulating and classifying the received Satellite, Terrestrial Microwave signal at Intermediate Frequency (70 MHz or 21.4 MHz) uses Analog Front End (AFE/AGC), Demodulation and Detection module, Forward Error Correction module, Descrambling unit based on Self and Frame Synchronizing methodologies, IBS/IDR Overhead Removal module, PDH Tertiary Level De-multiplexing and Speech Decoding modules through ITU-T based speech CODECS and customized techniques implemented on high Density FPGA boards installed in an Industrial Grade Personnel Computer housed in 24U Rack.

CARE-DRSE comprises of following major components integrated to gather to achieve the desired goals.
  • De-Modulator and Regenerator Unit
  • De-Multiplexer and Decoder (DD) Unit
  • Operator Control (OC) Unit