Automated Biometric Based Identification and Access Control System
CARE Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) has been augmented with RFID and barcode technology which makes it an ideal solution for deployment at sensitive installations, universities, offices and laboratories where secure and controlled access is a prime concern.

  • Access Authentication and Monitoring at secured places
  • Integrated fingerprint scanner and RFID card reader
  • AES 256 Encrypted fingerprint template stored inside RFID card
  • Communication between registration console and access entry point through wired media and USB portable devices. Using these, administrator can access logs and users data
  • Dual Factor Authentication Information using contactless RFID card and fingerprints
  • Registration Console performs functionalities of giving user details, entry point information, fingerprint enrollment and RFID registration
  • Authentication Console has feature of authenticating users through RFID card and fingerprint. This is asynchronous authentication. Three access states i.e. Granted, denied and unknown entry

Future Enhancements:
  • Manual Access Denied
  • Door Control
  • IRIS/Facial Recognition
  • Automatic Alerts